Saturday, October 29, 2011

Coming Soon!

So I haven't been blogging much because I have been working at my other job which is as an osteologist on an archaeological dig. Not a lot of time for blogging and sewing out in the field but I have not been completely idle. Through readings and research I have come up with a multitude of new things to do and some new offering for Sweet Tooth Fabrics.
In early 2012 I hope to launch a line of sew-at-home clothing patterns based on many of the clothing pieces you have seen on this blog and many more ideas that I have. All of my designs are fun and easy to sew while still being cute and feminine.
I have also begun experimenting with natural dyes. As a sustainable fabric company I want to promote the most sustainable products that I can. Having recently learned how awful synthetics dyes are for the environment I feel it is a great time to start dying my own fabric and yarn. I will post all the ups and downs of this process as soon as I can.
There are a few other ideas and projects in the works but these are the main two. One more week of digging and then I can get back fabric full-time. If you have suggestions of products you would like or articles you want to read then just drop me a line at And have a Sweet Day!

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